Friday Sermon 21 December 1984


1984-12-21  Friday Sermon  Khutba Juma  Urdu  


The day when We shall summon every people with their Leader. Then whoso shall be given their book in their right hand — such will read their book eagerly, and they will not be wronged a whit. But whoso is blind in this world will be blind in the Hereafter, and even further astray from the way. And they were minded to cause thee affliction because of what We have revealed to thee, that thou mightest invent against Us something other than that; and then they would have certainly taken thee for a close friend. And if We had not strengthened thee, thou mightest have inclined to them a little. In that case We would have inflicted thee with intensified chastisement in this life and intensified chastisement after death, and then thou wouldst not have found for thyself any helper against Us. And they continue to conspire against thee that they might expel thee therefrom; but in that case they would not have stayed themselves after thee save a little. This has been Our way with Our Messengers whom We sent before thee; and thou wilt not find any change in Our way. ('The Holy Quran'. Bani Israel [ Children of Israel]: 72 - 78). In these verses Allah the Exalted has made a grand and conclusive announcement that on the Day of Judgment people will be summoned alongside those leaders of theirs whom they actually followed, and it is with them that they will meet their end. Those who chose to follow the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in this world as their leader will be with the Holy Prophet ﷺ on the Day of Judgment, and no worldly power can separate them from His Holiness. Those who in their practical example adopted the model of the enemies of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, are destined to meet their end alongside those enemies of faith. Those that deny the Prophets of God are left completely devoid of wisdom and they do not learn from history. They are unable to make any profitable decisions about their present or about their future. They keep on repeating the same mistakes the enemies of faith have always been making. The opponents of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) exhibited the same model as these enemies of faith and spared no cruelty in their treatment of Ahmadis. The enemies of Ahmadiyya have become so devoid of all reason that they have exhibited astounding confluence of utter ignorance. When presenting the incident of the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah before common folk in order to convince them that there is no harm in removing the Kalimah and that it is (God forbid) in accordance with the practice of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, the Mullahs unwittingly admitted that their own acts were in accordance with the disbelievers while it is the Ahmadis who are following the blessed example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This is the first time in the history of religion that an incident of this sort has taken place when someone has actually said to their opponent that because you have adopted an article of our faith, you must remove any symbol of its reflection, that is, for a people to become hostile because of a commonality instead of a difference. This only makes sense if the enemy, in reality, is admitting to the fact that only because his own heart is devoid of the love of Kalimah, we must also not infuse our hearts with that love. These verses also mention the offer made by the disblievers to the Holy Prophet ﷺ which the opponents of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) make to the Ahmadis even to this day that we would lavish you with warm embraces if you would compromise on your beliefs just a little bit. Following the example of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, Ahmadis squarely reject any such offer. There are great tidings in this for Ahmadis, and it is so because this promise is for the Holy Prophet ﷺ and according to these verses this promise is also for those who consider the Holy Prophet ﷺ as their Imam and follow his blessed model. Thus the salvation of Ahmadis, both in this world and the next, lies in the fact that they would never ever leave side of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Transcript Frankfurt - Germany. © The Tahir Archive, 2014.