Acceptance of Prayer, High-Intensity Workout & Healthy Apple Pie | Isolation Vlog 6 | #Covid19


Today's Vlog, following the COVID19 isolation experience at the home of a young British Muslim, looks at is packed with some amazing stories, prayers, activities and high-intensity fitness exercise. On the menu is a delicious apple crumble baked with pastry within the apple skin that both packs lots of flavour is a healthier option than conventional apple pie. The exercise segment takes viewers through a high-intensity workout designed to raise your heart rate and improve your health in short bursts. The Vlog finished with a beautiful story about the acceptance of prayer that has a very lighthearted ending. Remember, listen carefully to your Government's guidelines in relation to the coronavirus crisis and social distancing; stay safe! Most importantly, turn to Almighty God and seek His protection, mercy and grace.