English Mulaqaat (Meeting) on February 22, 1998 with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (rh)




(Urdu translation audio at the beginning, English audio starts at 6:20) @ 06:20 ... @ 16:30 Can you give me an insight about the Muslim faith? @ 18:05 I'm told that Quran's teachings are based on facts and there are reasons for it. Since the society has progressed since the time of Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa), are those teachings still relevant? For example what are the Ahmadiyya teaching regarding the wearing of the veil by women? @ 32:24 The signs of the Promised Messiah as understood by many Muslims. (The bodily ascent of Jesus and the birth of Jesus.) @ 43:42 Does Islam say that everyone is born as a Muslim? @ 56:44 Is there any sacred shape in Islam? @ 58:43 Are there any influences of stones on humans like homeopathy? Learn more at https://www.alislam.org