The Prophecy of the Eclipse


Hadith on Imam Mahdi Allama Abdul Ghafoor quotes the following Hadith in his book, Al-Najmul Thaqib, in connection with the Imam Mahdi: Huzaifa bin Yaman relates that the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of God be on him, said that after the passage of 1240 years (of Hijri era), God will send the Imam Mahdi. In Dar Qutni, the sign of the appearance of the Imam Mahdi is given in the following Hadith: "For our Mahdi, there are two signs which have never happened since the earth and the heavens were created, i.e., the moon will be eclipsed on the first of the possible nights in the month of Ramadhan and the sun will be eclipsed in the middle of the possible days of the month of Ramadhan." This prophecy was fulfilled in the Eastern hemisphere with the lunar eclipse on the 13th of Ramadhan, 1311 Hijri and the solar eclipse on the 28th of Ramadhan, 1311. Hazrat Ghulam Farid of Chacharan was a holy man whose followers found in plenty in the Bahalpur area. He affirmed the truth of the Promised Messiah when he said: Because the lunar and solar eclipses have happened in the month of April 1894, corresponding to the 13th of Ramadhan, which is the first of the possible nights for a lunar eclipse, and the solar eclipse occurred on the middle of the possible days of the eclipse, the prophecy is fulfilled.