English Mulaqaat (Meeting) on February 15, 1998 with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (rh)




@ 2:20 Since Ramadhan has passed, now I'm back to old routine and there is constant struggle to stay focused like in the month of Ramadhan. @ 4:13 What qualities or virtues do you think are most important if someone wants to live a spiritual life in the Western world? @ 9:12 First revelation received by Holy Prophet (sa) @ 13:39 When referring to Holy Prophet(sa), he is quite often called our Lord and Master. Could you explain why this is when there is only one Lord and that is Allah? @ 15:20 Because of the recent publicity given to religious cults, people are very afraid of accepting the possibility of a recent prophet. How can we come such confusion? (Finality of Prophethood) @ 28:33 A lot of people ask if we were created by God, who created God? @ 40:42 What is the original nature of human soul? @ 52:58 Which Surah of the Holy describe the extra-ordinary event happening in the Year of the Elephant. And what happened? @ 54:24 The Holy Quran and Holy Bible has been described by clergymen as overlapping scriptures. Do you agree with this statement? Learn more at https://www.alislam.org