What Does Death Mean To You?




This video tackles the issue of Death and what it means to the general public living in London. The mini-documentary also interviews leaders from the Buddhist, Humanist, Christian and Islamic communities to show a broader perspective on death and the life after. Death is one of the main life experiences which is common among all people. It is a pressing issue on the minds of many and holds significance in all cultures, religions and faiths. Interviews: Phramaha Bhatsakorn - Buddhist Monk, The Buddhapadia Temple Isabel Russo - Head of Ceremonies, British Humanist Association Reverend Dr Sam Wells - Vicar, St Martins-in-the-Fields Church Imam Abdul Quddos Arif - Missionary, Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Like the video and subscribe to the channel. Stay tuned for the latest content and updates from The Review of Religions. Produced by The Review of Religions Filmed & Edited by Zubair Ahmed Hayat Presented by Shahzad Ahmed