Tree Planting by members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women's Association from Masroor Mosque


Members of Lajna Imailallah South Virginia, USA volunteered in a tree planting activity, which was organized by “Tree Fredericksburg”. It was a great learning experience for all. Everyone seemed to enjoy it as well. 15 Lajna, 4 Nasirat and around 8 Atfal and young children took part in this great act of Charity and environmental protection. Nasirat and Atfal showed a lot of excitement and enthusiasm and helped the best they could. There were also about 10 other volunteers from different backgrounds joining in this tree planting activity arranged by Tree Fredericksburg. The diversity among the volunteers gave a strong message of harmony and unity among us all . The lajna volunteers expressed that it was truly an enjoyable hard work, and brought true satisfaction as they knew they were helping to save our planet by planting trees alongside the roads. In total, fifty oak trees were planted Alhamdulillah! Everyone would reap reward of clean air in future from this act of kindness & generosity. And as per the hadith, Holy Prophet described planting a tree as an act of continuing charity. Those who plant trees will be rewarded till the time the tree lasts and benefits humans or animal and birds. At then end, our volunteers got together to have some snacks arranged by Lajna. Thereafter, everyone proceeded home with gratification to Allah the Almighty for providing us such an opportunity to serve and to contribute in community work with beautifying our cities.