Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Ramzan 1910 - 1967 - Quran Tilawat




My maternal grandfather Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Ramzan (10 August 1910 - 13 March 1968) was a Hafiz of 'The Holy Quran'. He graduated with Masters in Arabic from Punjab University despite being blind as a result of a medical misapplication at the age of 12. He taught Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad - Khalifatul Masih IV to read 'The Holy Quran' and the Caliph would always remembered him with great love and respect. The only extant recording of his voice was made a few years before his demise. He is reciting a portion of the chapter al-Furqan [The Criterion] from 'The Holy Quran' verses 63 - 78. © The Tahir Archive, 2019.