The Messiah Has Come...? The wait is over.


He claimed to be that last one awaited by all major fates of the world he claimed to be that Krishna that Hindus were waiting so long for he claimed to be that Buddha about who's coming the previous Buddha had prophesied he was that Jesus son of Mary awaited by both Christians and Muslims alike he said he was the great performer predicted by guru Baba Nanak as well as the second coming of Zoroaster he said that his mission was to bring all mankind to the realization that there is a god he sought to bring about revolutions inside people so that they would fulfill the rights of each other as well as fulfil the rights of God now just who was he he was the Messiah of mankind Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of God Lian and he was not a liar 1400 years ago the Holy Prophet of Islam peace and blessings of God be upon him claims that the promised Messiah of all faiths would appear to the east of Damascus it is recorded in writing that around 100 years ago this Messiah sitting in an unknown undeveloped Indian village which lay on the same latitude to the east of Damascus who know less received the following revelation in the Arabic language Bala damash meaning destruction in Damascus he prophesied the first and second world wars and he also predicted that a great war would start from here it is no secret that the Syrian civil war is the biggest crisis of our time a conservative estimate states that over half of a million people have been killed since the Syrian civil war started in 2011 however the number is sure to be significantly higher similarly it is estimated that 11 million Syrians have fled the country since the war began a pre-war population has been estimated to be 22 million with different factions on the ground including American Russian and Syrian government troops Syrian rebels and Isis this has become an international arena of death a de facto playground for world war although world war and the crisis in Syria are signs of his truthfulness the promised Messiah abhorred bloodshed and violence and instead claimed that he had come to end religious wars he said that he loved mankind with the same love that a mother loves her child named even more so what mother would not sacrifice her own peace and well-being for the sake of her child so one can only imagine how much the promised Messiah loved mankind an expression of his love are his timeless words which he desired to be a means of salvation for those he loved that is all of humanity it is a fire but all those shall be saved from that fire